The Importance of Having a Mobile Compatible Website

With every passing day, the use of the internet is increasing drastically irrespective of the devices. We can now access the internet in different and new ways which no one had imagined in the previous century. These include laptops, mobiles, tablets, smartphones, and smart watches. Therefore, to promote your business, it is important for your website to be compatible with all of these devices.

Here are some points that describe the importance of having a mobile compatible website.


A mobile optimized website provides flexibility to its users. By flexibility, we mean an improved user experience. There are many cases in which someone sends the link to a website by text message on mobiles, but when we try to open it, we can come face to face with an unorganized website that is hard to navigate around. Such web pages leave a negative impression on the user. The reason is that these websites are not responsive i.e. they are not compatible with the device.

On another hand, if the site is mobile optimized, then one can easily read the content finding what they require, instead of getting frustrated or wasting time by using a laptop or PC.

Competitive Advantage:

When we surf the web, we often see multiple websites and organizations that offer the same services. Due to this, the competition between them is tough. According to a survey, only 1 out of 3 websites is compatible with mobile devices. It can be the turning point for a company if they have a responsive website. If the users get more features and better services than competitor offerings, then they are more likely to opt for that particular service. Therefore, having a mobile compatible website is important, allowing you to match or beat the competitors.

Get more Business:

You might have seen that many e-commerce and social media sites are mobile friendly, this provides them the ability to attract a number of users. Having a larger audience, the healthier business will be. According to a Google study, 67% of users like to use mobile optimized sites as compared to the non-friendly. A Mobile is a thing that everyone keeps with him all the time whereas you cannot take other devices with you everywhere. If there is need of buying something from a site and the site is not mobile friendly, then the user will automatically shift to some other website that is compatible with his mobile.

Fast Loading Time:

Suppose someone texts you or emails you the URL of a desktop based website on your mobile. When you try to open it from your device, the site might be difficult or impossible to use. In this case, the user gets frustrated, hence why the website loses one of its visitors. However, with mobile optimized websites the case is entirely different. Whether you open it on a desktop or mobile, it loads much faster and is user-friend, providing a good experience for the user.

Higher Google Rank:

Having a mobile optimized website helps you in getting a higher Google rank, or any other search engine rank, as compared to those sites that are not mobile friendly. According to a Search Engine Watch report, approximately 60% of users now search from their mobiles. Therefore it is very important to be visible in search results on such devices, and that is possible if your website is responsive.


Mobile compatible websites play a major role in gaining high traffic and the overall growth of the business. Though many sites still aren’t fully compatible with mobile devices, these sites are lagging behind.

With the rise of smartphone ownership among individuals, it is highly important that all website owners ensure their website is optimized to work on any screen size, large or small. Is your web page mobile friendly? Google provides a Mobile Friendly Test Tool which will quickly analyze your site.

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