How to Increase X Followers – 30 Tips and Tricks [2024]

Despite many recent stumbles, X – otherwise known as Twitter – is still one of the most popular social media apps in the world right now.

At last count, X still enjoys around 530 million monthly active users, so it stands to reason that if you’re looking to build a business, create a brand, or become an influencer, X is still very much a platform you should target.

With that said, then, how can you increase your X followers? 

While there’s no magic bullet solution for doing so, there are a number of best practices you can implement to increase the chances of boosting your follower count. Here are 30 tips and tricks for increasing your X followers!

1. Stay up-to-date

If you’ve got a particularly relevant or insightful observation to make about current events, make sure you post it on X as soon as you can.

Staying up-to-date with the topics people are talking about on X will increase the chances that your post will be seen, and that, in turn, means more people are likely to discover your profile, potentially leading to more followers.

2. Reply to replies

When you get replies to your X posts, make sure that you reply to them. 

Increasing engagement will boost your chances of being followed; if you take the time to interact with other users, they could be more likely to seek out more interaction in the future.

Of course, if the replies are upsetting or unpleasant, you shouldn’t give them the oxygen of publicity.  

3. Fix up your profile

Incomplete X profiles are a great way to make sure that your follower count stays low.

When a user clicks on your profile, they want to see that it’s fully realised, with a descriptive bio, a great profile picture, and a catchy name.

If you don’t have all of those things, then users may not think you’re a real X user, and you’re less likely to get a higher follower count as a result.

4. Post videos and images

It’s been repeatedly proven that visual content – that is to say, videos and images – have a greater impact on social media than text posts do.

Wherever possible, try to post images and videos rather than plain text. A mixture of lots of different types of content works best, but videos and images tend to be more engaging for other users, which means you’re increasing your chances of getting followers if you post visual content.

5. Post as often as possible

Since X is a “microblogging” platform, posting regularly is a great way to increase your chances of getting followers.

If you don’t post very often, then your profile will seem inactive, which means users might be turned off following you. In addition, not posting regularly has the simple effect of people not being able to see your content as often!

Try to post at least two or three times a day if you can, but if you can’t, then try to post at least once per day. 

6. Work within your niche

Following people who broadly belong to your X niche means that you’re more likely to attract their interest in return.

If you just follow whoever you like, you won’t be working within a niche, and that means the wrong kinds of people might have eyes on the things you’re posting.

7. Use hashtags

X is the platform that originated hashtags as a popular way of communicating concepts, and it still uses them to this day.

Using the right hashtags in your post is a good way to increase visibility, but don’t go overboard; stick to the hashtags that are relevant to the things you’re posting. That way, people who are looking for that kind of content can find you more easily.

8. Use follower services

Arguably, follower services aren’t always the best way to get followers, as they can sometimes flood your account with fake or bot followers.

If, however, you can find a follower service that provides exclusively organic users as followers, then this can be a good way to build your Twitter following. Just be aware there’s really no substitute for building followers naturally.

9. Don’t spread misinformation

This is more of a long-term slow-burn way of building followers than a “get-rich-quick scheme” in X terms, but it’s important for the health of the internet as a whole.

However tempted you may be to spread false or misleading stories for followers, don’t fall prey to this strategy. Not only is it morally reprehensible, but it’s also a good way to ensure that you’re viewed as a spurious or untrustworthy source of information.

10. Link to other social media platforms

By interlinking your social media platforms, you’re increasing the chances that friends and followers from other apps will be able to find you on X.

If you’ve got a friend who follows you on Instagram, for instance, then include an X link in your bio on that app. You should see your followers increase as Instagram followers find you elsewhere, and the same goes for platforms like Facebook or TikTok.

11. Take part in games and challenges

From time to time, you’ll see hashtags trending on X that involve challenges or games. These might include prompts like “take a letter away from a movie name to ruin it” or “fix a video game’s ending”.

If you’ve got the knowledge, you should take part in these challenges, as they’re a great way to show X your unique sense of humour and build followers by attracting like-minded individuals.

12. Automate your posting schedule

Lots of X tools are available that help you to automate your posting schedule, taking a lot of the stress out of remembering to post regularly.

Be sure to seek out and use some of these tools if you feel like you can’t keep up with the hectic schedule required to build a following on X.  

13. Post threads

Rather than just a single post, if you’ve got lengthier and more in-depth thoughts to share, then try to post a thread that encapsulates those thoughts.

Keep your thread snappy and simple, but elaborate on the subject in a way that’s engaging and thought-provoking for anyone who comes across it.

14. Include a hook for your thread

If you are posting a thread, it’s important to lay out exactly why people should read that thread in the very first post. Otherwise, you might find people’s eyes glaze over at the prospect of a longer read.

Your hook should be strong, concise, and attention-grabbing. This will make people more likely to seek you out in future so that they can read other posts you’ve written.

15. Keep an eye out for trending topics

We’ve already discussed the importance of commenting on current events and using hashtags, and following trending topics completes that particular trifecta.

When a topic starts trending, if you’ve got any kind of knowledge of or interest in that topic, you should definitely post something about it on X.

16. Keep your profile image consistent

If your profile image is different on Facebook or TikTok to the one you’re using on X, that can harm your online presence as a whole.

Try to make sure that you’re using the same profile picture across all of your social media platforms. LinkedIn is a potential exception to this rule, however, as it has slightly different prerequisites for its images. 

17. Tag users

When you see a post that you think another X user might like, be sure to tag them in a reply to that post so that they can see it for themselves.

By doing this, you’re engaging with the wider X community and drawing people’s attention to posts that might have value for them, which could increase your standing on X.

18. Repost things you like

Your X profile is more than just a repository for your thoughts; it’s also a place to gather content from other users in which you’ve personally found value.

That’s what the repost function is for. You can repost others’ content to your profile, thus ensuring your followers see said content. In return, you may find that those you’ve reposted return the favour!

19. Show off your personality

Nobody likes a bland, boring profile on X, and people won’t appreciate a range of posts that don’t show off any kind of unique personality.

Popular X users like dril or pixelatedboat make their personalities clear whenever they post, and you should be doing that too, whatever kind of content you’re posting.

20. Engage in good faith

If you’re talking to other X users, then the worst thing you can do is immediately start looking for an argument wherever you can find one.

When an X user disagrees with something you’ve said, engage with them in good faith. Don’t just start shouting them down and trying to score points, because that lowers the intellectual tone of the platform as a whole.

21. Create a poll

X polls are a great way to engage users, as they give people something to interact with that doesn’t take much effort but still offers an opportunity to express an opinion.

Your poll doesn’t have to be something controversial; it can simply offer a choice between favourite foods, for instance, or favourite gaming characters.

22. Post offers

Popular X user Wario64 is an excellent example of someone who engages users by posting offers and discounts that they see on the internet.

You can do the same; try to spot offers that you think followers within your niche will love, then post them as frequently as you can. Before long, people will start seeing you as a reliable source of information in this regard.

23. Post news

Again, Wario64 is a good case study here. Posting news can be another good way to get X users on your side and get them to follow you, because they’ll see you as a reliable way to stay informed.

Make sure that the news you’re posting is vetted properly and isn’t misinformation or disinformation-based. That’s a surefire way to lose followers rather than to gain them. 

24. Time your posts well

Timing your posts improperly is a good way to make sure that nobody ever sees them, so you should make sure that you’re posting content when people will be able to see it.

Mornings are generally a good time to post, as are lunchtime breaks and early evenings. Posting in the middle of the night, however, is generally a no-no.

25. Seek out real-life events and opportunities

X users love it when others report on events and opportunities they may not have the chance to attend themselves, so if you’re lucky enough to be going to a real-life event, post about it on X.

You may also attract other users who are attending the same event, and then you’ll gain followers through mutual interests, so it’s a win-win situation.

26. Use the Pinned feature

You can use X’s Pin feature to draw users’ attention to a post that you think is particularly relevant or important, and you should do so whenever you can.

When a user alights on your profile, the Pinned post is the first thing they’ll see, which is why you need to make sure it’s something that encapsulates what you’re trying to do on the platform.

27. Promote posts

X offers the chance to promote your posts and profile in exchange for a fee, and if money is no object, you could consider doing this to boost your follower count.

Be aware, though, that this solution is intended largely for brands and influencers rather than individuals, so it’s not necessarily a great option for everyone.

28. Don’t be afraid of change

Often, when a major feature on X changes, users grumble about it, complaining that they prefer the way the app used to look.

You can increase your follower count by sticking with X throughout these changes, learning to use new features and systems early on so that you can maximise their impact before everyone else.

29. Watch out for plagiarists

One great way to increase your X follower count is to seek out and confront people who you think might be stealing your content.

If someone else is getting famous off the back of things you’ve said or posted, then confronting them can increase your cachet in others’ eyes, as long as you can back up your accusations with evidence.

30. Keep going

You might feel somewhat demoralised if the X followers aren’t pouring in, even though you feel like you’re doing everything right.

Sometimes, however, it just takes a little while to build a decent following. Keep trying, and don’t let a lack of immediate results discourage you!        

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