Content Clusters: The Secret Weapon for Building Topical Authority and Backlinks

What are content clusters, and why do you need to use them?

Content clusters are, quite simply, groups of content that can all be linked together by the same topic. Clusters are an easy way to boost the visibility of your website through search engine optimisation (SEO) on search engines such as Google.

By continually building strong content on a topic, you then become a trusted supplier of information on that subject, and your website will receive higher SEO rankings, and you will start to gain backlinks, which are links from other websites, to your content, further boosting your traffic.

How Content Clusters Work to Elevate Your SEO

To create a content cluster, you need a main topic that you can add subtopics to, often this is called a pillar. Your pillar topic can be anything you like; however, it is good to focus on what you are trying to present to the world. What is the one message you want to tell people? If you have an e-commerce business, then it is likely you want to drive people to your main page outlining the services you offer.

How do I get started?

A great way to start is to write the message you want to tell the visitors to your website in the middle of a page, and think of as many subcategories as possible that can all be linked back to the main topic, the pillar. The more interesting or useful the content, the better. The article you are reading right now is part of a cluster; by giving visitors to our website advice on how to improve and promote their business, we are showcasing our expertise in this very area.

Create a ‘virtuous circle’

Newspapers and magazines drive content around people of interest, such as celebrities and the Royal Family. These outlets publish endless articles about celebrities, and so as soon as news breaks, people will be directed to their sites as they are seen as an authority on that person. Great content creates a virtuous circle as search rankings become stronger and this, in turn, drives more traffic to a website, reinforcing its position.

Make sure to publish content regularly and have a pipeline of content on your chosen subject; the date of publication will factor in search results, and also you want to gain repeat visitors.

Common Content Cluster Mistakes to Avoid

Readers quickly get bored with content that is pure marketing, repetitive, and written around keywords. Google now uses machine learning as part of its search algorithms that go beyond basic keywords and factor in ‘search intent,’ and so the more comprehensive your content, the better.

Google has some good advice for beginners here on optimising your site for SEO engines, and it reinforces the fact that content is key to getting great ratings.

When content is interesting, useful, and informative, you will find that other sites begin to use backlinks to recommend you. The last thing you want to do is produce content where people are left wanting more and navigate away from your site to another site. Remember to include internal links back to your main topic, reinforcing your authority on the main topic and the subtopics. If your main topic was gardening or gaming, then be the ‘one-stop shop’ for people interested in those topics.

Make sure you are offering something in return for people’s time – some practical advice, a link to a discount or voucher, or an informative and interesting piece. Focus on your audience, break topics down into as many categories as you can, and provide content that cannot be found elsewhere – cover a niche that links back to a broader topic to make sure.

You can read our blog on niches and links here – you see, that’s a backlink right there; it’s as easy as that.

How long will it take?

People can spend a lot of time and money on trying to improve their search ratings, and often it is not a quick process; it can take up to a year to see significant results. Using a simple content cluster approach and organising your content can be your secret weapon to quickly boost your website visibility; within months, you are likely to see some solid results in your website rankings.

Creating great content is an investment, although, of course, not everyone has the time to do this when they are busy running a business. Use our specialist blog writing service with a range of fixed price and quick turnaround packages, giving you the time to focus on your business.

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