12 Great Local Citation Tools For Local SEO [2024]

When it comes to hunting down local citations, software is pretty much essential. As a smaller business, you may be able to find and identify local citations by yourself, but as soon as your business starts gaining any kind of momentum, you’re quickly going to lose track of where you’re mentioned online. 

That’s why many companies and providers make local citation software tools to help you, but it can be difficult to know which of these you should be using. Here are 12 great local citation software tools you should be using for local SEO purposes.

1. SEMrush

Rather than simply being for local citations, SEMrush offers the complete package to businesses. It’s essentially a fully-featured SEO tool that lets you increase your visibility online and see how well your marketing efforts are going, but one of the biggest and most important things it offers is a citation checker that lets you see how your local citation efforts are going. SEMrush is trusted by many SEO professionals and marketers around the world, so it’s a solid option for your business.

2. Moz Local

Another mainstay of the local citation and SEO spheres, Moz is one of the most trusted names in online marketing, so it stands to reason that their local citation checker tool would be one of the best. Moz Local lets you manage your business listings, sync them across multiple platforms, and automatically delete duplicates, as well as offering great services for optimising your online profile.

3. Whitespark

Whitespark’s biggest claims to fame are its local rank tracking facility, its reputation builder tool, and its local citation finder. As such, if you’re looking to keep track of your local citations, this is definitely a tool you’ll want to use. You can find your competitors’ citations and gain valuable insight into how you can leverage search engines and other tools to gain more local citations, which are invaluable for your business.

4. Yext

There’s a whole suite of tools available on Yext’s website, but we’re looking mainly at its publisher network and listings tools. As part of its SEO portfolio, Yext offers the ability to push brand data, including NAP (name, address, and phone number), to over 200 third-party publishers. You can also show off images and publisher-specific data that should help you rank even higher in the search engine stakes.

5. GeoRanker

GeoRanker boasts that it’s the “first SEO tool suite addressed to local”, which means it’s got a strong focus on making sure that your local SEO is the best it can be. You can use GeoRanker to check your local citations, but you can also see how to achieve high ROI thanks to its Google ads audit tool, as well as using its extensive suite of keyword research tools to help you target and pinpoint the right marketing approach.

6. Advice Local

AdviceLocal is another excellent local SEO tool for helping you check your local citations and listings. You won’t be able to choose the sites that your listings get submitted to, but the businesses the service uses are generally well-regarded, so you should still see an uptick in local citations. The service uses a mixture of API and manual submission to maximise your local SEO efforts.

7. Synup

AI is becoming more and more prevalent across all industries, but its presence is being particularly keenly felt in the world of digital marketing and SEO. Many tools will claim to use AI-powered processes to boost your local visibility, and Synup is one such tool; it can automate review responses and posts, and it can also help you to build your local presence on search engines and directories like Yelp.

8. Direction Local Businesses

As the Direction website says, this tool is for “local businesses that want to reach more customers quickly”, and who among us can say that doesn’t apply to us? Direction Local takes a more personal approach to your SEO; it assigns personal support to you rather than simply leaving you to your own devices. That means you’re going to be paying a little more, but it’s arguably worth it if you feel you need the help with local citations.

9. Local SEO Checklist

Technically, this tool was made by Synup, so it’s actually part of their suite of tools. However, any business can access this checklist entirely for free, so you can take a look at it and see if you’re doing everything you possibly can to optimise your site for local SEO. This includes setting up a Google listing for your business, providing accurate data, and checking your XML sitemaps, among other things.

10. BrightLocal

BrightLocal prides itself on being “the only platform you need to improve local SEO”, and indeed, if you give this tool a try, you may find that to be the case. It offers a 14-day free trial for its intuitive software, which helps you to track link and site authority, provides a summary for your local citations, and shows you lots of other important data like Google rankings and reputation management.

11. Uberall

Like many of the other tools on this list, there’s a pretty extensive suite of software available on Uberall’s website, including local listings management, social media assistance, and much more. Businesses that use Uberall include Shell, Marks & Spencer, and Schwarzkopf, among many other big hitters, so you know you’re in good company if you decide to go with this software provider.

12. myPresences

Using myPresences, you can track your local listings, take a look at your online reviews, and find ways to get better feedback from customers, all while also managing your social feeds and connecting with local influencers. It’s an all-purpose local tool that should be perfect if you’re looking for a way to keep track of your local citations and do much more besides.

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