The 7 Best Mass Email Sending Services In 2023

When you’re running an ecommerce service, you’ll quickly come to the realisation that traditional email services like Outlook, Gmail, or any other standard email client won’t be sufficient for your needs. You’ll want to communicate with customers en masse, send out surveys, and create mass email campaigns, and the fact is that many email services just don’t have that functionality built into them.

If this happens to you, then you’ll be in the market for a good mass email sending service. Luckily, there are plenty out there, and you should be able to find one at a reasonable price that fits within your business’ budgetary restrictions. Here are the 7 best mass email senders you’ll find for your business in 2023.


Professional clients for Sendgrid include Spotify, Uber, and Glassdoor, which means you know the service provided is high-quality enough for those high-profile businesses. Using Sendgrid, you can send emails at scale with no server requirements, implement automation features to help you and your business save valuable time, and collaborate across teams to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

You can try out Sendgrid for free, but the feature set will be pretty limited at 100 emails per day. If you need to send more than that, then you can plump for the Essentials tier, which begins at $20 a month for up to 50,000 emails, perfect for when your business begins to grow a little more. Several other pricing tiers are also available for when you outgrow the Essentials tier.


If you don’t have much in the way of web design expertise, then you’ll want a mass email sender that cuts out the coding middleman, allowing you to simply send out your email campaigns and surveys without needing to know anything about code. Mailjet fulfils that remit, and it’s also got a clean, easy-to-understand user interface that emphasises the needs of your business.

Just like Sendgrid, there is a free option available for Mailjet, and it limits you to 6,000 emails a month, with a 200 per day limit. If you choose to upgrade to the Essential tier, you’ll pay $15 per month for 15,000 emails, and there’s no daily sending limit, so you can send out as many emails within that upper limit per day as you like. A Premium tier is also included, still limiting you to 15,000 but adding more features.


The object of a mass email sender is to make your job as easy as possible, and that’s something Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) achieves with aplomb. Its automation tools and drag-and-drop interface mean you can build email campaigns quickly and efficiently, and you’ll also find that it integrates with existing content management systems like WordPress, making your life even easier.

Brevo’s free tier gives you access to 300 emails per day, with unlimited contacts (the latter of which you’ll get across all of Brevo’s pricing tiers). You won’t get access to analytics or email support, though; for that, you’ll need to jump to the Starter tier, which Brevo describes as “ideal for growing businesses”. Additional tiers cover other businesses of different shapes and sizes.


If simplicity is the order of the day for your business, then you want to opt for ConvertKit. It lacks some of the more advanced automation and analytics features that its competitors boast, but it’s also cleaner and easier to use than many other mass email senders, so if all you want to do is fire off a mass email – containing a newsletter, say, or a competition – then ConvertKit is the service for you.

ConvertKit’s free tier is unusually generous, offering unlimited landing pages, forms, and broadcasts for up to 300 subscribers. You won’t get automated email sequences or a newsletter referral system, though; these features are restricted to the Creator and Creator Pro tiers, respectively, which cost just $9 and $25 per month. If you like ConvertKit, those aren’t bad prices!

Amazon SES

Amazon’s big boast for SES (which stands for Simple Email Service) is that it offers the “lowest industry prices”, which is likely something the company can stretch to due to its sheer size. You can create high-volume email marketing campaigns, integrate the service into existing email apps, and even send notifications to customers reminding them of interactions with your business.

Unlike other services, Amazon SES doesn’t work on a subscription basis; you won’t be paying a flat monthly fee for your emails. Instead, it’s a pay-as-you-go option that charges you nothing for the first 62,000 emails you send, then adds a $0.10 charge for each 1000 emails you send above that number. You can also buy extra features like dedicated IPs and a virtual deliverability manager.


As the name suggests, MailerLite is a more lightweight mass email sending service than many of the other options on this list. It’s not going to deliver a massive, in-depth suite of customisation and analytics options, but it’ll do the job perfectly well if you’re just looking for a cheerful mass email sender to boost your marketing efforts.

To reflect its lighter nature, MailerLite offers a free tier with support for up to 12,000 emails per month. Jumping to the “Growing Business” tier gives you unlimited monthly emails (yes, you read that right), as well as 24-hour email support and even a tool to help you build an unsubscribe page. There’s also an Advanced tier with extra features like Facebook integration and an HTML editor.


ElasticEmail comes complete with many of the tools you’d expect a mass email sending service to have; it’s got A/B testing built in, as well as tools to help you manage contacts, a drag-and-drop interface to make things simple, and more. As you might guess from the name, ElasticEmail is a flexible service that can be customised to your liking.

Pricing-wise, there’s a free tier that supports up to 1,000 contacts and just 100 emails a day, which probably won’t suffice for most growing businesses. The starter tier massively increases those limits, giving you 2,000 contacts and 60,000 emails per month, and if your business is finding its feet, those numbers should be perfect for you.

Which mass email sending service will you go with? Don’t forget that you might need a decent IMAP backup tool to move your current mails over to a new provider.

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