Top Digital Marketing Tips to Consider for 2018

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products using “digital” means. With digital marketing’s increasing use, below are some tips that you can follow to make your and your consumers’ experience better for 2018. Take note that the upcoming trend is all about focusing on blogger outreach, focusing on visuals, and more.

Understand Micro-Moments

With globalization and the increasing use of mobile phones, a concept called “micro-moments” has emerged. Micro-moments can be defined as our unconscious reflex to turn to our mobile phone or other such handy gadgets to search out any form of information or learn about something.

Be it a small thing as making a grocery list or looking up a recipe or for a major thing such as applying for a loan through online banking or purchasing a car, we all (as consumers) look for convenience, thus turning to our mobile phones, laptops or tablets, hence, engaging in micro-moments.

To make your digital marketing strategy a success in 2018, it is crucial for you to study these micro-moments as they have also been defined as “crucial consumer touch points.” This means that consumers look for brands that can provide them with the right information at the right time.

Hence, by studying your consumers’ micro-moments, design your digital marketing strategy such that the right information is easily available to the consumer (i.e.), through one-click, which would also lead to lasting customer relationships and brand loyalty. A reliable digital marketing company can help you create an efficient marketing strategy.

Focus on Visuals

A visual impact speaks volumes about a product or service. Whenever purchasing products using digital channels, we often wonder if we could “see” the product in action. By making the product visually available to the consumer, you can make your marketing strategy a success as visuals help to make a greater impact on the consumer. This increases the chances of a deeper relationship being developed between the brand and the said consumer.

Statistics show that from the count of 1.65 billion active online users, a number of them watch almost 8 billion videos each day. Another such statistical report showed that brands that advertise on television channels could also attract more traffic to their brand by advertising on YouTube.

So, if you have a product or service you wish to promote, it’s a good idea to create videos. These videos can show how to use the brand’s products, the services being offered, and more.

Importance of Native Ads

Consumers don’t like un-related advertisements to pop-up when they are browsing a website. For example, an insurance company’s advertisements coming up while browsing a cosmetic’s website is going to look out of place. This problem can be countered through native ads.

Native ads blend in with the content in such a way that they do not “interrupt” the consumer or annoy them. For example, this insurance ad can be advertised in the sponsored or recommended section. This would not make the ad seem out of place. Hence, focus on the growing importance of native ads and tailor strategies in such a way that these native ads aid in directing traffic to their brand or website.

Smart Content

Becoming one-to-one with your customers is a key trend that is emerging and will pick up more speed in 2018. Companies who don’t realize its importance will be left behind and eventually fall out of the market. There is a crucial need to realize the importance of “smart content” or personalized content.

This can be achieved through making your website more comprehensive yet dynamic. Special offers for new customers can pop-up or be “visually attractive” by being available in jazzy or vibrant colors. This would allow a closer customized relationship to develop, hence, raising profit levels for that company. Moreover, also hire professionals with innovative and unique ideas who can contribute to your website’s content in new yet engaging ways.

Blogger Outreach

Networking is going to become more important in 2018. People are more likely to do business with a brand if someone they trust tells them to. That’s why it’s a great idea to start on your blogger outreach strategies. You should go ahead and initiate contact with blogs that can reach the target audience you desire. You can either ask them to review what your brand has to offer or you can write a guest post for the said blog and reach a wider audience.

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