Copywriting: What it Is and How it Relates to Business

When it comes to business practices, a few things go hand in hand like business and copywriting. The latter is, in fact, an essential piece of the business world and helps to promote and protect such. But what exactly is copywriting, and how exactly does it relate to business?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of writing that is used in business and marketing. It is writing that helps market a product to an audience, making it enticing and attractive; hopefully enough to participate in its profit.

Some examples include:

  • Email promotions and advertising
  • Catchphrases from a brand
  • Words on the packaging of products

Copywriting Vs Content Writing

Because of their similarities, it is understandable for one to confuse copywriting with content writing. However, the two are different in many keyways, the first of which is that content writing’s primary purpose is to inform readers, first and foremost about a product, one that is by consequence longer but more detailed than copywriting. Another difference is that copywriting, while operating in the same vein, is more directed towards enticing the sale of a product than providing information about it.

Conversion Copywriting

This isanother popular form of copywriting and has much in common with regular copywriting, in which the purpose is to persuade readers to take a specific action on a product. Its method involves retention, familiar wording, and value propositions among other things, to help persuade a reader to buy the product listed. Some examples of copywriting for conversions include CTAs (call to actions), product descriptions, landing pages, and other forms of marketing.

The Purpose and Necessity of Copywriting in Business

Copywriting, as stated above is one of the most important foundations of successful advertising, business, and marketing. Its purpose is to inform and persuade, doing so in a manner that helps motivate the consumer to take a specific action when it comes to the product on hand. This of course includes buying or promoting the product at hand.

In business, much is the same. It is extremely vital to business and marketing practices. It is in many ways the “voice” of the product, and what that voice says can help determine whether it is sold. It is the voice whose job is to persuade the audience to purchase the product.

With such in mind, a product with good copywriting makes good sales, and good sales translate into positive business growth. Copywriting, in whatever form, is at the foundation of business and marketing practices.

As important as it is, what is even more important are the people who practice copywriting, namely the copywriters.

Women Copywriting

What is a Copywriter and What They Do

A copywriter is someone who engages in copywriting. They are professional writers who have the job of creating interesting, attentive, and compelling material for a variety of marketing campaigns and/or businesses. This can involve the research of a product, learning more about it in the form of reading about it, or interviewing those that have used it.

From this information, they then begin to write a narrative that not only serves to inform the consumer but also captures their interest and potentially their business as well. In essence, copywriters are the storytellers of the business world, the ones that are given the task of creating a compelling and attractive story for the buyer.

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How to be Successful in Copywriting

Successful copywriters entail the following traits:

  • Persuasive Storytelling– perhaps the most important aspect of a copywriter. It involves the ability to create a story with both compelling and persuasive methods of writing, all of which encourage the consumer to take action on the product described.
  • Research and Analytical– able to research and analyze information to create an informed and accurate format for the consumer to take in.
  • Adaptable– able to write for various formats and platforms regardless of topic or subject and can adjust their style accordingly.
  • Strong Writing Ability– able to create clear, informed, concise, and engaging content with superb grammar and punctuation skills.
  • Audience Understanding– able to analyze and empathize with consumers to tailor the content written for their wants and interests.

When is Copywriting Needed?

Copywriting is needed in almost all manners of business practice. It can be used for advertising in a TV commercial, print ads on billboards, websites, and other forms of business marketing and advertising. In general, it is needed when a business wants to promote its product and make it attractive while doing so.

More information about this can be found here.

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How Popular Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is used in all forms of business practices, and that makes it viable in all business markets. If a product needs to be sold, a copywriter is needed to help encourage that sale. It is much the case in the present as it was in the past when this was first becoming a career in the marketing world.

Benefits of Copywriting

Much like its demand, a career in copywriting has a great plethora of benefits, including:

  • Storytelling- the chance to create a prompt or story to help sell a product on the market.
  • Income- Copywriters make a decent amount of money, with an annual income that can range anywhere from $49,000 – $120,000 depending on the company and location.
  • Challenging Field- helps to challenge your skills in the field and offers improvement in such in the long run.
  • Strong Audience Relationship- a copywriter can develop a bond with the consumer when writing about a product, one that serves to help them understand the audience better and learn more about what they want out of a product.


One of the keys to having a successful business is having a good story, and there are few out there in the world who can tell a better story than a copywriter. With persuasive techniques, audience understanding, and the need to tell an interesting and compelling story, copywriting is in many ways what helps a product be sold, and what helps a business make money.

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