The Cheapest Email Hosting Providers For 2023

If there’s one thing that can elevate your organisation above others and make it look that much more professional, it’s email hosting. When you’re sending emails from your own organisation’s address and not from a Gmail or Outlook extension, it gives clients and customers the impression that you know what you’re talking about and that they made the right choice. However, you also want to make sure you’re keeping costs down; while email hosting is a critical part of running a business, it also shouldn’t break the bank. Here are some of the cheapest email hosting providers 2023 can muster.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is actually one of the few email hosting services out there that offers a free plan. While its paid plans are incredibly cheap, you can also opt for the “Forever Free Plan”, which gives you access to a single domain’s worth of hosting and allows up to five users to access the service. Considering you’re not paying a single penny for the privilege, that’s not bad at all, but if you do need extra features, three paid tiers are also available starting from 80p per month (yes, you read that right).


Opting for Ionos gives you a personalised email address for your business, which you can access from various different places. Unfortunately, there’s no free tier here, but the basic tier begins at just £1 per month for 12 months, after which it jumps to £2 per month. For that, you’re getting 5 email accounts, each of which has 2GB of storage, as well as a free email domain and spam filter built in. Make sure to check out the other tiers to see if they’ve got features you’re going to need.


Despite the fact that Namecheap lists its prices in dollar format, you should still be able to work out that it’s a pretty good deal wherever in the world you happen to be. The starter tier costs just $1.24 per month and gives you a single mailbox with 5GB storage, but you can upgrade to the $3.49-per-month tier if you want two extra mailboxes and an additional 25GB of storage. There’s also an Ultimate tier with more features, as well as the opportunity to discuss bespoke pricing if you’re a bigger outfit.

A2 Hosting

Technically speaking, there are cheaper services out there than A2 Hosting, but considering what you’re getting for your money, we feel it would be criminal not to list this excellent service. For as low as $1.59 per month (although pricing scales depending on what features you need), A2 Hosting provides 10GB of storage space and multi-account support, and you can upgrade to the additional Pro Plus tier if you want email templates and followup reminders, among other extras.

Microsoft 365

Again, there might be cheaper alternatives on the market than Microsoft’s plan, but this is a hugely well-known and well-respected name in the tech space, so you’re getting security as well as value for money. The plan starts at £3.30 per user per month, and for that, you get great security, solid support, and a guaranteed 99% uptime, ensuring that you don’t miss any important emails or work deadlines because of sudden outages (most of the time, at any rate!). When it comes to quality, it’s hard to find a better provider out there than Microsoft.

Google Workspace

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also include Google’s version of email hosting on this list, Google Workspace (which was formerly known as G Suite). It’s a little more costly than some of the other alternatives you could look into, but considering that you’re getting the might and clout of Google, $6 per month (per user, naturally) isn’t a terrible price to pay. For your money, you get access to Google’s wide range of business-oriented tools, as well as lots of Drive storage space and more.


Many of the biggest and brightest names in email hosting are also well-known companies in the wider world of web hosting, and such is the case for Hostinger, too. It’s got two email hosting tiers available: Business Starter and Business Premium. If your business is new, you’ll appreciate the 10GB storage and 50-alias count you get for the former, but the latter, which is just a couple of pounds more expensive per month, adds extra storage and more forwarding rules.


Rackspace offers three tiers for its email hosting service, all of which represent pretty excellent value for money. The first tier is just $2.99 per month, giving you unlimited aliases and expert support around the clock. Upgrading yourself to one of the two additional tiers gives you extra bonuses like 30GB of file storage, mobile synchronisation, and instant messaging, and if you plump for the highest tier possible, you’ll also get access to an archiving system. Not too shabby!


DreamHost prides itself on providing affordable email plans for smaller businesses, and it’s hard to disagree with that assessment. There’s only one paid tier available here, although you can opt either to pay it monthly or yearly depending on what works best for you. The service gives you 25GB of storage with each of your mailboxes, as well as ad-free webmail services and mobile and desktop sync. This is another excellent cheap email hosting service that shouldn’t break the bank for your business.

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