12 Best Domain Name Generators

There are few things more important when creating a website than coming up with a great domain name. Your domain name will determine whether or not customers can find you easily and remember your site; it reflects and represents your brand, so it’s important to get it right early on.

Coming up with a good domain name can be difficult, but thankfully, there are plenty of tools online that will help you to think of something memorable. Even if your first choice is taken, you’ll find lots of great alternatives thanks to these platforms, so let’s take a look at the 12 best domain name generators you can try out right now.

1. GoDaddy

The first name that popped into your head when we mentioned domain name generators was probably GoDaddy, and there’s a good reason for that. This is, quite simply, one of the best and most thorough domain name generators on the internet. It’ll come up with a range of helpful domains and alternatives after you type in the domain you want, and it will give you a list of premium and promoted domains with prices as well.

2. Ionos

You might recognise Ionos from its famous (and somewhat ubiquitous) advertising campaign starring a stern blonde woman with a remarkable hairdo. What you might not realise is that Ionos is also one of the best domain name generators out there. Like GoDaddy, Ionos simply lets you input a domain, then shows you whether that domain is taken and suggests alternatives if it is.

3. BlogTyrant

BlogTyrant is actually much more than a simple domain name generator; it’s a bible for helping you to start your first blog, complete with a full beginner’s guide, writing tips to help you improve, and ways to make some cash online. It also comes with a domain name generator, though, so if you’re struggling to think of a name for your blog, then you should start here for ideas and suggestions.

4. Bust a Name

It might sport web design right out of the 1990s, but Bust a Name is, nonetheless, one of the most powerful domain name generators out there right now. You can input various combinations of words to generate more bespoke domains, or you can simply enter in a quick domain check to discover whether something you want is taken. You can also set various parameters including extensions and prefixes.

5. Nameboy

Nameboy bills itself as “the original and most popular” domain name generator, and a quick look at its landing page tells you why. This is an extremely simple (but no less effective!) domain name generator; all you need to do is input the domain you want and hit Submit, and the site will generate domains and tell you whether the one you want is taken. There are also a range of tips to help you pick the perfect domain.

6. Panabee

This adorable domain name generator will help to set your mind at ease if you’re looking for something with a little more character. Unlike some of the other domain name generators out there, Panabee is colourful and unafraid to be charismatic; it comes with plenty of flavour text, but it’s also a robust domain name generator that contains all the same functionality as many of its competitors.

7. Domain.com

The clue’s in the name, eh? Domain.com will, as you’ve probably already guessed, help you to come up with a memorable domain name for your site. It offers over 300 extensions, so you can pick the one that’s perfect for your platform, and it also offers robust customer support, a blog full of tips for running a website, and a knowledge base so you can pool resources with other users.

8. DomainWheel

“Instant ideas, no ads”. Thus runs the slogan of DomainWheel, and that’s exactly what it offers. Powered by an AI algorithm, DomainWheel will take your domain suggestion and run it through the system, offering plenty of alternatives and showing you ways you can be clever with your chosen keywords. It’s not the most fully-featured domain name generator on this list, but it is one of the most straightforward.

9. Zyro

Zyro is actually a fully-featured website building tool rather than just a domain name generator, but it does also come with a domain search, so we’re including it on this list. The site also suggests ways to come up with a great domain name; keep things simple, make your domain recognisable, and tailor it to your audience, for instance. Zyro is another great domain name generator with which you can’t go wrong.

10. NameStation

At time of writing, NameStation proudly boasted that it had generated over 300 million domain names for customers, so you know it’s the real deal. Rather intriguingly, the site also holds naming contests where you can input what you want to name and the NameStation community will generate suggestions for you. As the site itself says, “no algorithm can match human creativity”.

11. Network Solutions

Don’t let the curiously dry name put you off; Network Solutions is a great domain name generator for businesses. You can find out whether your domain is up for grabs, get alternatives if it’s not, and even enter the world of more unusual domains like .cloud. With a full help centre and great customer support, Network Solutions is an excellent domain name generator.

12. Lean Domain Search

If you want something no-nonsense that doesn’t contain any extra bells and whistles whatsoever, then Lean Domain Search is where you’ll want to go. As the name implies, Lean Domain Search is a very simple tool; you input your domain and hit go, and that’s it. There aren’t any extra blogs, features, or unnecessary complexities bolted on; it’s just the domain name generator, and that suits us.

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