10 Etsy SEO Tips to Help Customers Find You

We love Etsy, the go-to place for original gifts and out-of-the-ordinary finds, but as an Etsy seller, it’s not enough to have great products; you must also be a marketing wizard to get Etsy shoppers to find your store. 

Etsy is a search engine like any other, and just like Google, Etsy’s algorithms are constantly changing, so it can take a lot of work to keep up with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing tactics, especially SEO. 

Here are 10 Etsy SEO tips to help ensure shoppers see your products and that you’re making the most of Etsy’s search features.


Rename your Etsy store to highlight what you sell

If you want customers to find your store on Etsy easily, then your store name must represent the products you sell. For example, if you sell handmade jewellery, include the word ‘jewellery’ in your Etsy store name.

Use short and descriptive product names

When it comes to Etsy SEO, product titles are key. Etsy allows you 140 characters for each product title, so use them wisely. Keep your product titles short and sweet, but ensure they accurately describe the item. 

Including relevant keywords in your product titles is also essential so Etsy’s search algorithm can easily match your products with customers’ searches.

Be mindful of the words used in your product descriptions

Your product descriptions are another excellent opportunity to include relevant keywords and help improve your Etsy SEO. 

When writing your descriptions, focus on quality over quantity; long, rambling descriptions are off-putting to customers and won’t help your Etsy SEO.

Don’t use the exact keywords all the time

When it comes to Etsy SEO, quality is more important than quantity. Using the same keyword too often in your product titles and descriptions will make your listings look spammy and hurt your Etsy SEO, as Etsy’s algorithm will see this as keyword stuffing.

Optimise your sections

Etsy allows you to divide your products into sections, so take advantage of this feature by creating areas for different types of products. 

You can make it easier for your customers to find what they need and improve your Etsy SEO simultaneously.

Make the most of Etsy’s 13 tags

Etsy allows you to add 13 tags to each listing, so be sure to make use of all of them! When choosing your tags, again, focus on quality over quantity and include relevant keywords that accurately describe your product. 

Remember that Etsy allows shoppers to search for products using tags, so including the right keywords in your titles is essential for Etsy SEO.

Promote your listings

Promoting your Etsy listings is a great way to improve their visibility and, therefore, their Etsy SEO. Etsy offers two main promotion options: paid ads and featured listings. 

Paid ads are a great way to ensure your listings are seen by potential customers, while featured listings appear in high-traffic areas of Etsy and are a great way to increase your Etsy SEO.

Keep your listings up-to-date

Out-of-date listings are bad for business and can also hurt your Etsy SEO. Be sure to regularly update your product photos, descriptions, and pricing to ensure shoppers see accurate information and that Etsy’s algorithms keep your listings high in the search results.

Improve the consumer buying experience

Providing an exceptional consumer buying experience from start to finish is essential for any business, but it’s imperative on Etsy. Why? Because happy customers are more likely to leave positive reviews, positive reviews are great for Etsy SEO.

So be sure to do everything you can to ensure your customers have a positive experience with your Etsy store from when they land on your page to when they receive their purchase.

Promote your Etsy shop off Etsy

In addition to promoting your listings on Etsy, you can also do several things to promote your Etsy shop off Etsy. One great way to do this is by using social media.

Share your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram listings and include relevant hashtags and links to your Etsy shop.

You can also share blog posts and articles that feature your Etsy products. By promoting your Etsy shop off Etsy, you’ll not only drive traffic to your listings, but you’ll also improve your Etsy SEO.

Final Notes

Finally, make sure your product is worth having and do your research. If 5000 sellers sell silk scarves, but only 50 sell cashmere shawls, promote the shawls over the scarves.

Keep an eye on the trends at certain times of year people will search for generic terms such as Christmas Gifts or Thanks Giving presents, so it’s worth highlighting these terms at the appropriate times of the year. 

Etsy’s own Etsy Trend Report can also be a source of inspiration for what’s popular.

Consider using Etsy Ads to boost your Etsy SEO and increase your chances of being found by potential customers. Etsy Ads appear at the top of Etsy search results, so they’re a great way to ensure your listings are seen by shoppers looking for products like yours.

Etsy Ads are a bit like Google AdWords in that you bid on keywords for your Etsy Ads. The more you’re willing to pay per click, the more likely your Etsy Ad appears in Etsy search results. 

If you have the budget, Etsy Ads are an excellent way to herd traffic to your eStore and improve your Etsy SEO.

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