How to Increase Twitter Followers: 25 Tips and Tricks

Anyone who likes a great conversation loves Twitter. Twitter is a great place to engage in discussions about the things you love or to follow other people who share your interests. 

The more followers you have, the more Twitter accounts you can reach with your tweets.

Twitter is a fantastic way to connect with people and share your thoughts and ideas. 

With over 330 million monthly active users, there’s a good chance you can find some like-minded people on Twitter. But how do you up your followers on Twitter?

Following the tips below, you can increase your Twitter followers and keep them engaged.

  1.  Follow people who interest you. If you follow someone, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back. If someone is new to Twitter, they will likely follow you back. So look for new accounts that catch your eye.
  2. Retweet exciting tweets from people you follow. Retweets are a great way to get noticed by others. Comment retweeting to make sure you make the most of the engagement.
  3. Use hashtags. Hashtags help people find tweets about topics they’re interested in.
  4. Mention other Twitter users in your tweets. If you mention someone in a tweet, they’ll usually get notified and may retweet your tweet or follow you.
  5. Participate in Twitter chats. Twitter chats are great ways to meet new people and gain followers. And they are usually entertaining too.
  6. Have a consistent profile image. People are likelier to follow someone with a consistent profile across all social media platforms.
  7. Use keywords in your bio. When people search for specific keywords on Twitter, your profile will show up in the results if you have those keywords in your bio.
  8. Post links to your blog or website. Posting links is a great way to get more traffic and followers from your blog or website.
  9. Use Twitter ads. Twitter ads are a great way to reach new people and get more followers but do it with purpose. Only pay for an ad for an important or good cause; otherwise, it’s wasted money.
  10. Host a giveaway. Giveaways are always popular on Twitter and are a positive way to increase your follower count.
  11. Collaborate with other Twitter users. Collaborating with other Twitter users on giveaways or content is a great way to gain new followers.
  12. Follow trending topics. When you tweet about trending topics, your tweets will likely be seen by people who are interested in those topics.
  13. Try using different Twitter tools. Many great Twitter tools can be used effectively to help you get more followers. Follow this link to reach Twitter tools.
  14. Use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are an effective way to connect with accounts that share your interests.
  15. Tweet often. The more active you are on Twitter, the more likely people will follow you.
  16. Engage with your followers. When you engage with your followers, they will likely stick around and continue following you.
  17. Offer value. If you offer value to your followers, they’re more likely to stay engaged and continue following you.
  18. Be yourself. People want to follow someone they can relate to, so being genuine is always best.
  19. Show your personality. Don’t be scared to show who you are in your tweets. Expressing your personality will make you more relatable and likeable.
  20. Use images and videos. Pictures and videos are always eye-catching and can help you get more followers.
  21. Be positive. No one wants to follow someone who’s always negative, so keep your tweets positive.
  22. Connect with other influencers. If you connect with other influencers in your industry, you’ll likely gain some new followers.
  23. Promote your Twitter account on other social media platforms. If you have a presence on other social media platforms, promote your Twitter account to gain more followers.
  24. Use Twitter lists. Twitter lists work by enticing people to connect with others who share their interests.
  25. Participate in Twitter challenges. Twitter challenges are a fun way to interact with other users and can help you gain new followers.


The key to getting more Twitter followers and keeping them is engagement, staying active, tweeting a lot, try to offer a different slant on things. Never be abusive or rude; it will only cause you to lose followers. 

Use Twitter tools and lists, be yourself and be positive. Twitter is a great connecting tool and a great way to share your thoughts and ideas. By following the tips above, you can get more followers on Twitter and keep them engaged. 

Do you have other suggestions for gaining Twitter followers and, more importantly, keeping them? Please share them with us by tweeting or leaving a comment below.

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