The Best Zapier Alternatives For 2023

If you’re not familiar with Zapier, you could be missing a trick when it comes to your business. In essence, Zapier is an automation tool that communicates with various other apps, integrating them into an overall workflow and ensuring they communicate with one another as well. 

You can use Zapier to create a series of interconnected tasks; for instance, when a sales lead is generated on Facebook, Zapier will tell Slack to inform your colleagues, then add them to a Mailchimp list and create a new Salesforce entry. It should be pretty obvious why Zapier is a useful piece of kit!

Still, there could be a number of reasons why you don’t want to use Zapier. Perhaps you don’t like the layout, or maybe it doesn’t have some key piece of functionality you want. Whatever the reason might be, there are other options, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Zapier alternatives you can find out there right now.


With a powerful and clean visual interface, Make is perhaps the best Zapier alternative on the market right now. You might know Make better as Integromat, although if we’re being honest, we think the new name suits the app much better. You don’t need to know how to code in order to use Make; all you’ve got to do is navigate through the visual interface to tell Make what you want various apps to do.

Make offers a free version that caps at 1,000 ops per month. You can then upgrade if you like it, and there are three paid tiers available, each of which has modular pricing and offers more features. The cheapest paid tier is $9 per month, but you can pay more to increase your ops limit.


IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”, which should tell you all you need to know about this system’s functionality. As the name suggests, you can integrate a bunch of different apps into IFTTT and tell them all to trigger effects and events based on conditions. You can control integrations with queries, queue up multiple actions, and even connect several accounts, making IFTTT a great solution for your workplace.

The free version of IFTTT limits you to just 2 applets, which likely won’t be enough if you’re running an organisation at scale. Luckily, you can upgrade to the Pro tier for just £2 per month, which gets you 20 applets and extra customer support. The Pro Plus tier costs just £4 a month and adds unlimited applets, plus lots of other advanced functionality.


Integrately boasts 8 million ready-made automations for over 1000 apps, so no matter which apps constitute your productivity space, it’s very likely that Integrately can accommodate you. Apps available for integration include Gmail, Slack, and Google Calendar, as well as more niche apps like Pipedrive and SendinBlue. The pre-made automations include lots of common chains, so you can browse through them until you find one that’s relevant for your purposes.

Pricing-wise, Integrately prides itself on being “less expensive than Zapier”. Its free tier is pretty limited, so we’d recommend jumping up to the $19.99 starter tier, which gives you access to 2,000 tasks, three premium apps, and multiple steps for automations. Integrately is a good option for businesses, but it might not be great for sole traders who are just starting out.


No matter how complex your process needs to be, Parabola can accommodate it, or so the app says. You can create lengthy and detailed chains of different events and Parabola will still automate them; the website’s front page says it doesn’t matter if your chain consists of four steps or 400. Parabola also has a clean, easy-to-understand interface, so it’s great if you don’t want to mess around with coding or backend processes too much.

It’s worth noting that Parabola’s promise of supporting over 400 steps in a process is slightly embellished. That’s only if you opt for the upper-tier Advanced plan, for which you’ll negotiate a price with the Parabola sales team. That said, the free tier still gives you access to 25-step flows and three flows at a time, which isn’t too shabby.

Pabbly Connect

Here’s another straightforward, easy-to-use Zapier alternative that will give you bang for your buck. With over 1000 different integrations supported across app categories like marketing, social media, and form building, you’re bound to find what you want here. If any part of the process is arcane or difficult for you, Pabbly Connect’s excellent host of YouTube tutorials should be perfect for demystifying everything and making it all clear.

Pabbly Connect’s free tier gives you unlimited workflows with up to 100 tasks per month, so it’s great for smaller businesses. Upgrading to the $19-a-month tier gives you access to a staggering 12,000 tasks a month, and that number increases as you scale through the payment tiers. It’s worth watching out for one-off deals, though, as Pabbly Connect is often offered for a special one-off price rather than a subscription fee.


Unlike some of the other options on this list, Pipedream is intended for developer use; it’s not necessarily intended for the wider business world. However, it’s still an excellent automation tool with support for a ton of different APIs, and it gives code-level control, so you can have a more specific say in how you want Pipedream to act than you might be able to with other apps on this list.

There’s a free tier for Pipedream, but it limits you to just 100 credits a day. The $19-per-month Basic tier nets you 10,000 credits each month, yours to do with as you see fit, as well as 20 simultaneous active workflows and 10 connected accounts. These numbers increase and extra features are added as you scale through tiers.

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