What is blogger outreach?

As we all know that social media has taken the world by storm, with that social media marketing is also emerging substantially. Some companies and agencies work with a group of bloggers or influencers with the view to help develop their brand, promote their products, and stay in the eyes of new consumers. This whole process falls under the umbrella of influencer marketing and is named as blogger outreach. The following points would help you find out how this process works.

How do we reach out to bloggers?

It requires a lot of planning before you reach out to bloggers because not all the bloggers out there can drive a profitable outcome for you. Identify the right bloggers, and you can do this through blogger outreach tools or by asking other bloggers in your network to recommend. Of course, ICY Digital provides an award-winning blogger outreach service. Communicate with them in a personalized manner and tell them what you are offering and what you want them to do for you. Build a good relationship and send them what you promised. You can also promote the bloggers by interviewing them on your channel; this would help them get exposure and increase the number of audiences.

The criterion for outreaching:

You need to define certain benchmark when you decide to acquire a link from a website because these may not be capable of providing the positive outcomes. Get the answers to some questions before pinching to the website such as, do they keep the blogs updated? How do people respond? How many following do they have on social media? Do people show any interest to subscribe to their blog? Do they have high domain authority? If the answers you get are up to snuff and this is what you are looking for, take the next step to reach out.

Tools for blogger outreach:

There are tools available that can help you identify targets to reach out and build relations. Here are some that would make you through it. Buzzsumo; this tool sorts some top performing content and influencers out on the basis of shares they get across the networks. Alltop.com; this allows access to the best blogs categorized by different niche. You just have to enter a keyword for the category; this would get you to all the top related blogs. Follower Wonk; this tool is based on twitter. It lets you search through twitter profiles. Other tools like Topsy, Twitter outreach, and contentmarketer.io are also of great help.

What benefits do we get?

Blogger outreach can help you bear out many purposes. Bloggers review products for their audience you can reach out to them and ask them to review your product and they get a fee or away in return. It also aids you to build a relationship with someone in the same industry. Build trust and credibility by appreciating or giving comments on their work and start a connection with them. By building good relations, you can get them interviewed about your blogs on the podcast. Bloggers also help you spread your content that you want the audience to reach.

Why is it important?

Blogs are playing an instrumental part in the marketing world. Buyer’s purchase decision is usually based on product reviews, and these are mostly blog posts. Bloggers are tastemaker as most of the digital population trust the advice they give. Consumers are more likely to rely on these resources when reaching brands. They stay active on a variety of digital channels, and there are a whole lot of people who follow them. It is the best way you can reach a large number of audience. It is considered as one of the most trustworthy information sources.


In a nutshell, blogger outreach is a network building approach. Bloggers have got very loyal following who seek their opinion before reaching to a brand. They are the one who would write a review about your product and increase your web traffic. A perfect strategy to identify the bloggers/influencer is a way to the profitable outcome. It can turn out to be the best way to lift your brand. More than 80% digital media users have confidence in blogger’s recommendations. Blogger outreach has a substantial role in successful digital marketing.

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