The Best ClickFunnels Templates

If you’ve ever used ClickFunnels before, you’ll know just how useful the service can be for creating attractive, effective funnels that facilitate a smooth customer journey and help you to grow sales or leads.

However, knowing which one of ClickFunnels’ many different templates to use can be difficult, especially since some of them require you to pay, and you don’t want to waste your money.

Rather than spending a long time browsing through ClickFunnels templates so you can pick the best one, we’ve put together a handy guide that will give you a look at some of the best options you’ve got in this regard.

Here are some of the best ClickFunnels templates we think you should use!

CONQUER Storefront Funnel

This is a confident, breezy ClickFunnels template that’s perfect if you’re launching some kind of inspirational book or guide for your industry.

The template leads with a featured product, then goes on to list several other products customers might be interested in. The featured product also has a preview blurb that gives you a chance to talk about what customers might like about the product.

Scrolling down, you’ll also find a slot for video guides where you can include video content if you wish. This template is bold, eye-catching, and great for adventurous or outdoorsy websites.

Ecommerce Multi-Product Tripwire Sales Funnel

This ClickFunnels template comes with its very own instructional YouTube video that tells you how to set it up, so there’s really no way to get the initial setup process wrong.

Rather uniquely, you can use this funnel to allow customers to buy several of your products without having to enter their payment information more than once, which could potentially generate lots more sales.

Though the template itself looks rather basic, it’s full of the kind of eye-catching material that often leads to great sales, and what’s more, it’s optimised for mobile, too.

Clean Modern Order Page To Confirmation

Sometimes, you want a ClickFunnels template that’s cleaner and less cluttered than many of the other websites you’re likely to see out there.

That’s where this template comes in. It’s simple and unadorned, making it perfect for more tech-oriented websites; if you want the product to speak for itself, this is the template you should use.

This template also includes an order confirmation page that’s thematically linked to the ordering process, showing customers they’ve made the right decision.

High End Event Application

Not all ClickFunnels templates are directly related to generating sales. Sometimes, for instance, you might want your site’s visitors to attend a particular event you’re hosting; a seminar, for instance, or a networking conference.

This template is ideal for that purpose. It presents a clear, concise environment for customers to simply input their details, whereupon they can request to attend the event.

If you’re hosting an event and you want attendance to be high, we’d heartily recommend this funnel template.

RippIn Summit Funnel

The RippIn Summit Funnel is full of incredibly visually arresting design that should make customers want to click through and see what you’re offering to them.

It’s got plenty of suggested copy, too, just in case copywriting isn’t your strong suit. You’ll also find areas where you can insert your own image and video links so that customers have a visual accompaniment to what they’re reading.

Further down, you’ll find places where users can input their contact info and order whatever it is you’re offering. This is a great template if you want your landing experience to be loud and immediately attention-grabbing.

Storefront Funnel :: GORDON

We’re big, big fans of this particular storefront template, which presents technologically advanced products (for instance) in an easy-to-read list format.

You’ll find a storefront, an order page, and an offer wall included in this funnel, and the examples given show what your products could look like if you opt for it. 

If you like professional-looking funnels that aren’t too needy but that still accomplish the purpose of making a user interested in what you have to offer, then this is the template for you.

Business Consultant Application Funnel

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to advise people on the best way to run their business, or on some other important element of corporate life? If so, then you’ll want to use this funnel.

Clean, professional, and high-quality, this is a great funnel for when you want to look serious about all things business. Rather amusingly, the funnel page chooses to use the fictional business persona “Brian Capital” for its advertising, too, which is a nice touch.

The funnel has something of an air of political engagement about it as well, so it’s perfect for any businessperson with more of an agenda than a traditional consultant might have.


Beauty and health websites also need funnels to help customers convert, and that’s where templates like Acti-Labs come in. 

This template is great for showing customers a product that will empower them or enhance their physical or mental health, thanks to its blue-sky banner and funky font selection.

It comes complete with an opt-in and video sales page, and it’s also got a template through which you can offer customers the chance to try your product before they buy it, which is often considered an essential part of the beauty sales process. In short, this is the best ClickFunnels template we’ve found for the beauty and health industries.

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