What Does “Digital Creator” Mean On Facebook?

Every time new technology appears, one of the key questions becomes whether or not it’s possible to leverage that technology to make money.

The answer is usually yes, and, of course, the internet is no different; whether it’s ecommerce ventures, online casinos, or any number of other financial initiatives, the internet is fertile ground for profit.

The advent of social media led to another sea change in terms of the way people make money, too, with many individuals seeking out fortunes as influencers or digital creators.

One platform where digital creators gather is Facebook, and you may have heard the term used in relation to Meta’s social media platform before, giving rise to the question: what does digital creator mean on Facebook?

We’re here to help demystify that term and help you understand what’s behind it. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the term “digital creator” and what it means on Facebook.

Facebook Digital Creator Profile

There’s no official “digital creator” term on Facebook

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that in order to answer the “what does digital creator mean on Facebook” question, we must establish our terms.

The term “digital creator” isn’t an official one. It’s used by Facebook and Meta numerous times throughout their information materials for creators, but there’s no “digital creator” title that’s bestowed by the company.

Facebook does have detailed guidelines regarding how to become a creator on the platform, but the phrase “digital creator” isn’t actually one that’s used officially by the service.

Instead, the guidelines simply refer to switching on Professional Mode on your profile (more on which later) and connecting your Facebook account to your Instagram creator account in order to maximise your reach.

With that in mind, then, it’s possible for pretty much anyone to become what’s known as a digital creator. All you need is a Facebook profile, some good ideas, and a following!

Digital creators are just people who make content on Facebook

The definitive answer to the question “what does digital creator mean on Facebook”, then, is this: digital creators are simply individuals who make content, whatever that content might be, and publish it on Facebook.

This could be humorous text posts, for instance, or it could be in-depth blogs and research about a subject for which you have a burning passion.

The fact of the matter is that digital creators on Facebook could be anyone; the tools to become a creator are available for free to anybody who has a Facebook profile.

How to become a Facebook digital creator

As we’ve said, Facebook digital creators are no different from the rest of the Facebook-using population in practical terms, which means that becoming a digital creator is as easy as enabling the right tools.

All you need to do is head into your Facebook profile settings and enable Professional Mode, which is available for individual profiles as well as businesses.

Here’s a quick guide on how to enable Professional Mode. It’s very simple!

  • Access your profile. In desktop mode, simply navigate to your profile by clicking your picture in the top-right corner. The process for mobile is similar, but you may find that your profile is in a slightly different place.
  • Click “Turn on professional mode”. You’ll see an option simply marked “Turn on professional mode”. Naturally, you want to enable that option.

This will give you access to tons of tools that will help you track analytics, create content, and monetise it. Naturally, you’ll have to be eligible by Facebook’s monetisation guidelines if you want to make money on the platform.

Whether your profile is personal or business-oriented, you can become a digital creator. The tools are available to everyone, so you merely need to enable them if you want to see more in-depth ways to create content on Facebook.

Digital Creator
Digital Creator

What’s the difference between digital creators and influencers?

You may also have seen the term “influencer” floating around online, and it might be difficult to distinguish between a digital creator and an influencer.

The main difference is simple: digital creators emphasise the content they create, while influencers generally tend to promote the brands they’re partnered with, as well as themselves.

This means that influencers are more focused on the commercial aspects of their venture, while digital creators tend more towards making content that impresses, entertains, or informs.

Digital creators aren’t necessarily influencers. A creator can make high-quality content without guiding anyone towards purchasing decisions or promoting any kind of brand.

However, it’s fair to say that all influencers are digital creators to some extent, because they create online content, regardless of the intent of that content.

Creating Content for Facebook

How to create high-quality Facebook content

Of course, calling yourself a Facebook digital creator isn’t the same as being one. You must create consistently high-quality content that engages your audience and has something to say.

Here are some of the ways you can make great content on Facebook.

  • Know your audience. The Facebook demographic isn’t the same as TikTok or even Instagram; you’ll generally find different kinds of users on Facebook, so make sure you tailor your approach to the demographic you’re trying to appeal to.
  • Make sure your content is high-quality. Dashing off a text post, a video, or an image won’t cut it in the fast-moving world of Facebook content creation. Taking the extra time to make sure your content looks and feels professional will give you that all-important edge.
  • Check your stats regularly. You shouldn’t let yourself be controlled by your stats, of course, but checking what content is performing well will help you to understand where you should put your focus.

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