11 Types Of Businesses That Need SEO The Most

Every business out there benefits hugely from a robust SEO strategy. While people do still walk into local businesses when they live near a shop or a service, online searches are an absolutely huge part of the way that customers find businesses they need nowadays, and that’s why you need to make sure your business is visible. SEO is the way to achieve that, but it doesn’t come easily, and some businesses benefit more from it than others. Here are 11 types of SEO industries that need to maximise their impact when it comes to SEO.

1. Local businesses of any kind

Local Businesses

Our first item on this list might seem like a little bit of a cop-out, but trust us when we say that there’s no more important element for a local business than SEO. Google’s local SEO results, which are the results you’ll see at the top of the page when you search for a certain kind of business, are highly competitive, and you want to make sure your business is on that list, because most customers will opt for one of those businesses rather than scrolling down to pick from the expanded results.

2. Restaurants


One of the major SEO issues when it comes to restaurants is the fact that it can be hard to diversify your keyword portfolio. If you’re an Indian restaurant, for instance, that’s what you are; you can’t simply start serving Korean food in an attempt to capitalise on the “Indian and Korean restaurant” SEO keyword. As such, restaurants need a clever SEO strategy in order to stand out from the rest of the pack, and they need to be savvy in terms of exploiting local SEO as well, because most of their custom will come from locals (or tourists in the local area).

3. Finance-based businesses

Mortgage Company

In the finance industry, particularly in areas such as mortgages and loans, generating new leads is a crucial aspect of the business venture. A website coupled with increased visibility through SEO becomes essential for achieving this objective. You’ll also increase trust and credibility, which is essential in the financial business landscape. : The finance industry is highly competitive, with numerous companies vying for the attention of potential customers, so having a good SEO strategy is important.

4. New businesses

New Business

It can be an incredibly difficult process to start up a new business. Getting out there and making sure your name is recognised is more difficult than ever thanks to the sheer volume of competition you’re likely to face, which is why you need to hit the right SEO targets. Focus on what makes your business unique and what niche you’re filling that other businesses might not fill. That should form the backbone of your overall approach to SEO.

5. Tech-based businesses

Tech Businesses

What good is a tech-based business if their SEO strategy is shot? Any tech business worth its salt needs to prove that it understands the basics of its industry, and that’s why SEO is paramount for the tech industry. If you run a tech startup and you’re trying to show customers that you’re on the cutting edge, not having a good SEO strategy will quickly convince them otherwise, so make this a priority when you’re drawing up a business plan.

6. Small businesses

Small Businesses

Let’s face it: big business SEO often takes care of itself. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Starbucks probably don’t really need to worry too much about SEO (although you will find that their digital marketing departments likely disagree). By contrast, a small business needs all the advantages it can get; it needs to show that it’s worth visiting over some of its larger competitors, and cornering the SEO space is one way to achieve that goal.

7. Bloggers


Blogging can be a lucrative business if you play your cards right (and with a little luck), but you’ll need to absolutely nail your SEO strategy, both for your blog as a whole and for each individual piece of content. Good bloggers can seamlessly work SEO keywords and phrases into their work without it seeming unnatural or forced, and if you want to achieve any measure of success as a blogger, this is pretty much an essential skill to learn.

8. News businesses


Are you providing any kind of news within an industry? If so, then you’re going to need a good SEO strategy. Readers will be searching for certain terms, especially as big news stories break and they look for authoritative sources on that subject. If you’re not hitting consistently high spots on Google’s SERPs, then you aren’t going to be visible, and people will look elsewhere for their news. This is a highly competitive industry, so getting your SEO right is incredibly important.

9. iGaming businesses

Have you ever heard of iGaming? You probably have without even realising it; this is a term that refers to the online casino and gambling industry. Naturally, SEO is extremely important here, especially when we consider that customers within this industry will prize safety and authenticity above all else. Hitting a good, above-board iGaming SEO strategy is a great way to show customers that your iGaming business is entirely above board and that they have nothing to worry about if they gamble with you.

10. Professionals


When you’re trying to show the world that you’ve got a skill that’s worth marketing – whether it’s teaching the drums, plumbing, or copywriting – you need to hit SEO fundamentals consistently. Other people will be vying for your business, and so getting onto local search results and ensuring you’re high up when people search for your job and your location is of paramount importance. Without great SEO, you simply won’t be seen by the people who need to see you most.

11. E-commerce businesses


Last but not least, e-commerce businesses benefit hugely from good SEO. This is because when you run an e-commerce business, you can’t afford to simply sell your products (from fashion to toys); you also have to be an authoritative source of information and knowledge for your customers, as they may want to know how to use your products or what your site can offer that others can’t. Both your e-commerce site and the content you generate for it need to be in tip-top SEO shape.      

In today’s digital landscape, businesses across various industries can greatly benefit from implementing SEO strategies. However, certain sectors, such as those featured in this article, and more, like e-commerce, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and finance, rely heavily on SEO for their success. These businesses require increased online visibility, targeted traffic, and lead generation to thrive in highly competitive markets. By optimizing their websites and content for search engines, businesses can improve their online presence, establish credibility, attract qualified leads, and gain a competitive edge. SEO has become a vital tool for these industries, enabling them to connect with their target audience and achieve long-term growth.

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