The 10 Best Social Media Discussion Forums [2024]

The internet is widely regarded as simultaneously the foremost place for debate and the worst possible place to have a conversation. How can both things be true at once? Well, that’s partly down to the advent of social media, which arguably brings out both the best and the worst in humanity. 

On a more meta level, though, there are also plenty of places to discuss social media itself out there and talk about its merits (or lack thereof, depending on your opinion). Here are the 10 best social media discussion forums on the internet.

1. Reddit

Reddit might not entirely have supplanted traditional forums, but it’s certainly dominating the online discussion landscape right now. If you want to discuss any kind of social media platform, it’s hard to imagine a better place to do so than Reddit. All the major apps have their own subreddits – Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, et cetera – and you’ll also find stimulating debate on subreddits such as r/socialmedia. If you want to talk to like-minded social media enthusiasts, this is where you should go first.

2. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is arguably the most well-known forum for coverage of digital marketing and social media discussion, boasting to be the world’s largest Internet Marketing Community and Marketplace. It began back in 1997 and has grown in popularity ever since. SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce are all covered by the community. Whilst discussion is the main attraction at Warrior Forum, the marketplace enables users to buy or sell services, which is another layer that the alternatives typically don’t provide. Perfect for entrepreneurs alike within the digital sphere, you should be aware of Warrior Forum, it’s certainly a wise choice.

3. Facebook

While the comments on a Facebook post aren’t technically a forum, you wouldn’t know it from looking at many of the posts created by the app’s users. Since the platform has extremely liberal text post limits, you’ll often find lengthy essays posted by Facebook users, with many impassioned responses to be found in the comments. In this way, even though Facebook wasn’t actually designed as a forum, it arguably functions in a similar way to one.

4. X

Again, much like Facebook, Twitter wasn’t explicitly designed as a forum for people to exchange opinions, but that’s arguably what it’s become to some degree. Twitter does have a character limit, and it’s a pretty restrictive one, but users often get around this limit by simply posting multi-tweet threads about their chosen topics. The replies, as you can imagine, are extremely colourful and vibrant, and although Twitter borders on hostile at times, it’s still an engaging place to be for discussion.

5. Quora

Quora describes itself as a “platform to ask questions and connect with people”, and that’s certainly what it offers. You can ask pretty much whatever you like on Quora, and you can be sure that people will answer. There are some pretty dark corners of this site, too – you’ll find places where people are openly discussing drug addiction and other issues, for example – so it’s a more adult and complex place than some of the more heavily-policed social networks are.

6. LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you’ll find networks of professionals discussing all kinds of things, from their day-to-day work all the way through to the future of social media, cryptocurrency, and other modern technologies. While LinkedIn is more of a platform to facilitate connections between businesspeople, it’s just as good for communication and connection; it’s got a built-in messaging app, for instance, so you can keep in touch with people you connect with rather than just leaving them on a static friends list.

7. Digital Point

Digital Point is an old-school-style forum that looks much like classic forums did during the 1990s and early 2000s. If you’ve got any kind of nostalgia for the way forums once looked, then hanging out on the Digital Point forums is a great way to relive that nostalgia. That doesn’t mean the people here are discussing outmoded or antiquated concepts, however. The Social Networks board, in particular, has lots of strategies for how to use apps like Twitter and Instagram to help your business.

8. Webmaster Sun

Over on Webmaster Sun (which, admittedly, could probably use a redesign), you will find forums for all kinds of topics, from how to make money online to how to implement pay-per-click advertising and more. There’s also a robust and healthy social media discussion forum that talks about how to market content on social media. The forum is still active, with plenty of people still posting there on a regular basis, so you’ll never want for conversation.

9. TechRepublic

If you’re in any way tech-inclined, you’ve probably already visited TechRepublic at some point. It might surprise you to learn, though, that this site also has extensive forums that cover all kinds of topics, from operating systems through to hardware and even online security. Social media is, of course, one of those topics, and you can talk to other like-minded individuals about social enterprise and social networking, getting tips on everything from how to engage customers through to how to make friends.

10. XDA Developers

Okay, we’re throwing a bit of a curveball with this one, but bear with us. XDA Developers isn’t really a social media forum; rather, it’s a forum to discuss all things smartphone, with boards available for Android Auto, mods for Google’s operating system, and much more. You may well find discussions pertaining to social media apps here, so if you’re more interested in the technical side of things, you might want to set up an account and take a look.

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