The 12 Best Favicon Generators

If you’ve never come across the term “favicon” before, then you’re far from alone. Essentially, when you’ve got a browser open, a website’s favicon is the little icon you’ll see next to the site’s tab name. Twitter’s little blue bird, for instance, is more than just the brand’s logo; it also serves as the favicon, so you can quickly and easily see where your Twitter tab is and navigate to it.

As you can imagine, then, a good favicon is essential for your site, but you might not have the artistic nous to create one for yourself. Luckily, there are sites out there that can generate a favicon for you. Here are the 12 best favicon generators on the internet right now!

1. Favic-o-Matic

We’re big fans of Favic-o-Matic’s retro branding and styling; it looks like a classic barbershop ad from the 1950s or 1960s, which should give you a hint as to the creators’ graphic design skills. Using this site, you simply upload an image, and the Favic-o-Matic will create a favicon for you. It can also create images of other sizes if you’re looking to expand your branding efforts.

2. will actually generate a favicon for you even if you don’t have an image. You can upload a PNG-format picture if you want, but if you don’t have one, then you can also input text, from which the site will generate a professional-looking icon for you. If you like, you can even convert an emoji into a favicon! This site gives you plenty of options, and there are extra resources for education available too.

3. X-Icon Editor

If you do have a little bit of graphic design expertise and you want a greater say in what your favicon looks like, then X-Icon Editor is definitely for you. This site lets you draw your very own favicon with a range of tools that will be familiar if you’ve ever used Microsoft Paint. Once you’re done, you can preview your image in different sizes and export it.

4. Ionos

Ionos’ name is well-known in domain generator circles, so it should come as no surprise that it also contains a great favicon creator. Simply upload your image and Ionos will help you create a professional-looking favicon for all seasons. You can also edit your own, if you like, using the site’s grid-based system. If you like fancy single-letter favicons, there’s an editor for that, too!


Most favicon generators out there will require you to upload your own image in order to create your icon, and is no exception. You’ll upload your image, choose a size for it, and hey presto – the site will generate a nice-looking icon for you. There’s also a handy tutorial on how to add the favicon to your site, which can come in handy if this is your first time in the world of web design.

6. FavICO

You guessed it – FavICO is another great favicon generator. It’s got pretty basic web design, but don’t let that put you off, because it does exactly what you want a good favicon generator to do. All you need to do is input an image, choose a size, and hit Create. That’s it – no extra steps. The site also shows you images that have recently been generated, giving you an idea of what yours might look like.

7. Genfavicon

Using Genfavicon, you can create yourself a good-looking favicon in JPEG, GIF, or PNG format, which should be all you need for any website. Once the image has been generated, you can use the intuitive click-and-drag tool to decide exactly what you want the favicon to look like, and then you’re good to go. Again, this is a simple, no-fuss tool that does just what you need it to do.

8. Real Favicon Generator

Real Favicon Generator offers a useful suite of tools for helping you create favicons. It does something that few other tools on this list do; you can check your existing favicon, and the site will tell you what it thinks you can improve. What’s more, you can see a demo of how the site generates favicons using a random image, so you can get an idea of what yours will look like.

9. Dynamic Drive

Guess what you need to do in order to create a great favicon with Dynamic Drive? You got it – just upload your image and hit Create Icon. You’ve also got additional options here; you can merge the image with a 32×32 icon for desktops, and you can also merge it with a large XP icon measuring 48×48 pixels. You’ll also find helpful hints and info on the process if you need them.

10. Antifavicon

Here’s a tool with a bit of a difference. Antifavicon won’t generate a clean, simple logo; instead, it takes text and generates a favicon based on that text in order to “be descriptive”. It’s designed to help you find a site more easily, since many sites’ logos are abstract and don’t clearly link to the sites themselves. If you want something clean and austere, this is where you should look.

11. Formito

Unlike many favicon generator tools, Formito doesn’t need you to have an existing image. Instead, it will generate a favicon based on lettering and colouring; you can choose something that looks right for your brand, then quickly grab the HTML code for the favicon and input it into your site without any fuss. You can also download the SVG file for editing if you prefer.

12. Looka

Last but not least, if none of the other options on this list have appealed to you, then you can try Looka, which is a ground-up brand designer rather than a simple favicon generator. If you’ve simply got no idea what kind of logo or look you want your brand to have, then we’d strongly recommend starting here, as Looka uses AI algorithms to help you generate a brand identity.

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