Bulk URL Cleaner Tool

Bulk refine URLs, duplicates, and adjusts prefixes efficiently.

URL List Cleaner

This easy-to-use tool is designed to streamline your URL lists. Eliminating duplicate URLs or domains preserves the first encountered URL. Opting to Remove HTTP Variations eradicates all instances of http://, https://, http://www., and https://www. at the start of each URL. Conversely, selecting Add http://www. will prepend http://www. to URLs lacking an existing http:// prefix.

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What The Tool Does




Tidy Up Special Characters: Removes numbers, letters, and other special characters from the beginning of each URL. It essentially cleans up any unwanted prefixes before a URL to give a cleaner look.


Convert to HTTP://: Modifies the URL so that it starts with the http:// protocol. If the URL already starts with https:// or any other variation, this option will replace it with http://.


Convert to HTTPS://: Similar to the previous option, but it ensures that each URL starts with the https:// protocol, providing a more secure URL prefix.


Convert to HTTP://www.: Converts the URL to begin with http://www.. If the URL has a different prefix or none at all, this option will adjust it accordingly.


Convert to HTTPS://www.: Ensures that each URL starts with the secure https://www. prefix. If the URL has a different prefix, it gets replaced.


Remove Protocol and Host: Strips the URL down to its base. For example, https://www.domain.com/page1 becomes domain.com. This option removes both the protocol (like http:// or https://) and any subdomains (like www.), leaving just the primary domain.


Remove Duplicate URLs: If you have repeated URLs in your list, this option ensures that only unique URLs remain. It removes any duplicate entries to give a concise list.


By using these elements, users can tailor their URL lists to specific requirements, ensuring consistency, and clarity across the board.